Great Writers of From All Over the World

Writers are the people who produce written materials to communicate ideas. They have shaped human history, capturing some of the most vital events in history and reflect the culture of our changing world in a deep way.

Compiling a list of the world’s great writers of from all over the world is not an easy task because we all read for different motives. What interests me may not interest you. In our capitalist world, we rate authors by observing their sale figures which might not be the best way. However, we can simply judge the greatness of writers by observing their ideas – ideas that capture the attention of the world and change perception of the world forever. No matter what kind of writing you like to spend time reading, here is a list of other great writers that you can’t go wrong with.

1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

He was a Colombian novelist, journalist and a screenwriter who loved outdoor light up lanterns. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was nicknamed Gabo or Gabito by his readers and other writers of South America. In 1982, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He is among the world’s great writers of from all over the world.

2. Gustave Flaubert

He was a French novelist, most prominent for being the leading exponent of literary realism in French literature. He is particularly known for Madame Bovary (1857)

3. Dr .A.P.J Abdul Kalam

He is best known for writing many inspirational books. He aims at motivating youths in India and a role model to many. His books are must-read.

4. H.G. Wells

If you like scientific fiction, then H.G Wells’s books can be an option for you. His books bring wonderful imaginations and scientific explanations.

5. Aristophanes

He is the first comedy writer back in 400 B.C. he brings a combination of plays with songs and repetition to bring entertainment for ancient Greeks.

6. Mark twain

People call him America’s finest author since he wrote in American vernacular, using speeches and phrase that are unique to the United State. He punctured a pompous writing style and tied his stories with regional references.

7. Charles Dickens

He is among the great writers of from all over the world because his novels and works of fiction are very popular. In fact, he is regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.

8. John Milton

His poetry has been the most wonderful poetic expression in the language English for several centuries. He is best known for a famous poem like epic Paradise Lost. English is often referred to as ‘the language of Shakespeare and Milton’.

9. Agatha Christie

She is well known as ‘the QUEEN of crime’. Although I find her writing style difficult, I like how he uses mysterious plots and twists in the end.

William Shakespeare is the most quoted English writer of all time, with his plays and rhymes remaining popular around the world. It’s not surprising to see most people, especially those who like reading, find themselves using few words of Shakespeare without even knowing.